Friday, February 24, 2017

MagickWars: Crypto-Nazi Witches vs. Magi of Light

by Witch Queen Leslie McQuade 
and Rosicrucian Imperator David Griffin

Some moron in the witch community recently got the really stupid idea to curse and bind the President of the United States, Donald Trump and to bring down the American republic like in the tarot card, The Tower This BLACK MAGICK ritual begins tonight at midnight. You can read about this seditious lunacy here.

As an American, I do not take kindly to a gang of Crypto-Nazi thugs pretending to be "liberal" witches launching a magical war against the American Republic I hold dear and the President that was duly elected by the American people.

Therefore, Witch Queen Leslie McQuade and I this week have been discretely organizing the Magickal resistance to this evil nonsense.

Tonight at midnight, a rag-tag group of patriot Magicians, Witches, and Shamans, and Christian prayer warriors stand up in defense of the Republic and our President against the Black Magick war to be launched tonight by Crypto-Fascist witches - whose REAL objective is to establish a globalist world Empire!

They want to bind Donald Trump because they deludedly believe he is a Fascist. Perfect. We are redirecting their ritual to bind the REAL Fascists - like George Soros and the Islamic Supremacists the brainwashed American left is allied with.

They want to use "The Tower" tarot card to topple what they say is Trump's "Tower of Lies". Perfect. We are magnifying that spell to destroy the REAL tower of lies - the endless stream of mainstream media fake news narratives together with the whole globalist house of cards!

So - pick up your light saber and tonight at midnight - Stand with us - as the Magi of Light rise in defense of the old republic!

May the LVX be with you!